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To work as a paramedic under Russian law, you must have a diploma of secondary vocational education and a certificate confirming the qualifications of a specialist in a particular field. Can obtain such a document from a medical school for retraining courses.

How to get a paramedical certificate?
How to get a paramedical certificate?

It is needed

  • – diploma of secondary medical education;
  • – money to pay tuition fees.


Step 1

Determine in which medical field you want to work. For example, a special declaration is required to be a paramedic in an ambulance brigade, which may differ from the general one in the medical case.

Step 2

Select the educational institution where you will take the refresher course. Most often, such centers are established based on medical schools located in every major city of the country and some small towns. The training programs are standardized, so the easiest way is to choose a study place on a territorial basis. 

Step 3

Find a study program that matches your education level and specialty. For example, if you have a nursing degree, you can enroll in a ten-month refresher course. Those who have previously received secondary medical education in dentistry will require a more comprehensive education – three years.

Step 4

Collect a package of documents for admission. You must show your medical diploma. At the same time, you do not need to take the Unified State Exam – this exam is only accepted for admission to complete non-abbreviated training programs.

Step 5

Submit your documents for admission to the course. Access to such systems occurs after successfully passing an exam knowledge of organizational aspects of health care. Questions on this topic are posted on medical school websites. An example of tasks from tickets can be found, for example. on the Novosibirsk Medical College website –

Step 6

Complete a refresher course. At the end of your studies, you will take a qualifying exam. It allows you to earn a diploma and a medical assistant certificate, which can help you land a job in your specialty.

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