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Pharmaceutical activities in the Russian Federation have the right to be carried out by persons who have received higher or secondary pharmaceutical education and have a particular title, license, and corresponding specialist certificate. The specified certificate is a single-sample document indicating that a specialist has completed training following the state training programs in the chosen specialty.

How to get a pharmacy certificate?
How to get a pharmacy certificate?


Step 1

Having a pharmacist’s certificate means that the holder has a high level of knowledge, both in theory and practice. And this is a prerequisite for pharmaceutical activity.

To obtain a Pharmacy Certificate, you must complete an entire postgraduate vocational training course (postgraduate study, residency, internship) or additional vocational training (usually at least 144 hours) or professional retraining (more than 500 hours).

Step 2

After choosing and completing the appropriate course, you will be eligible for admission to the qualification exam. Success in the qualification tests is a guarantee of obtaining a certificate, which is valid for five years. 

Step 3

Pharmacy certificates are issued by state or municipal pharmaceutical and research organizations licensed to do so.

Before starting the qualification tests, you must decide on the place where you will take the tests and submit the necessary documents:

Application addressed to the chairperson of the examination qualification committee;

– a copy of the diploma of graduation from a pharmaceutical educational institution (faculty);

– copies of documents on additional and postgraduate vocational education;

– copies of previously issued certificates;

– an extract from the workbook;

– personal report of the examinee about the work, showing the skills and practical skills during one year.

Step 4

Before the tests start, a qualification committee is formed, consisting of health professionals, pharmaceutical associations, and research institutions.

Step 5

The exam consists of three phases and can take place over one or more days. The following phases are distinguished: test control, determination of the practical skills of a specialist, and final talk. 

Step 6

The qualifications committee decides by majority vote, while in case of an equal number of votes, the decision favors the person taking the exam.

If one of the phases is not passed, the right to follow-up research lapses. In such cases, the Board determines the date of redelivery.

Step 7

Can lodge an appeal against the decision of the Qualification Committee with the Central Qualification Committee for Examinations or with the court.

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