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According to statistics, the number of people who want to get a second higher education only increases yearly. And this is in no way explained by the general desire for knowledge but by the challenging demands of reality. Some specifically lack the inside to move up the career ladder, and others – want to turn their workplace into a more prestigious one. After the direction is determined, another question arises: “Is it possible to get a second higher education for free?”

How to get a second higher education for free
How to get a second higher education for free

It is needed

  • – Diploma of incomplete higher education;
  • or
  • – diploma of military training;
  • or
  • – bachelor’s or specialist training


Step 1

Feel free to apply for budget places if your first higher education is military. According to the law, in this case, civilians who have served under a contract, who have withdrawn into the reserve, or who can complete (or incomplete) higher military education are entitled to free training.

Step 2

Earn two part-time degrees. It is issued upon completion of a two-year study by a student. There is an opinion that he can gain enough knowledge during this period to work in the chosen specialty. 

Step 3

Today, the reform in the education system leads to the practical elimination of the specialty. Complete a specialist (or bachelor’s) and master’s degree. His place is taken by a bachelor’s degree. However, this does not stand in the way of graduating from the institute and enrolling in a magistracy for budget places, which will bring higher education to your piggy bank.

Step 4

Apply to a foreign university. It is possible to get a budget place in one of the “foreign” higher education institutions. Still, it will only be necessary to prove to the selection committee that you deserve it. Since the scholarship for education is given, unfortunately, not to everyone.

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