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The Moscow Art Theater School is one of the most prestigious universities in the country, where many famous Soviet and Russian actors have studied. Education is based on the Stanislavsky system, classes are taught by the best art theatre teachers, so there is very high competition and higher demands for applicants. To go to this school, you must have undeniable talent.

How do you get to the Moscow Art Theater School?
How do you get to the Moscow Art Theater School?


Step 1

To enter the Moscow Art Theater, you must have completed general or secondary vocational education. Gather all documents: passport, copy of military ID, registered certificate, high school or college diploma. Take six 3×4 photos. Documents are sent on Kamergersky Lane in Moscow.

Step 2

Take the Unified State Exam in Russian and Literature, taken during the final exams at school. Bring the certificate of the test results together with other documents. If you graduated from school before 2009, USE results are not required; you can take a regular exam. The same applies to candidates with specialized secondary education in theatre.

Step 3

Complete three qualifying rounds, taking place from May 16 to June 28. You do not need to register to participate. Only bring your passport. Just choose the day that suits you best. Prepare your program: choose poems, fables, and fragments from works. Practice your presentation several times. If you have passed all rounds, you will be admitted to the entrance exams. Submit the collected documents to the Admissions Office at the end of June.

Step 4

Discover the exam schedule for your specialty, and prepare for it. Thus, future actors have to read a literary work by heart, perform a song (the applicant’s musicianship is checked), dance, or do other exercises to show plasticity. Practice your diction for the exam, and do voice development exercises as speech therapists and a voice actor monitor your speech. Screenwriters should write creative works. The first exam usually takes place on July 1.

step 5

The results of the exam will be announced in July. If you are admitted, bring the originals of all documents to the Admissions Office. If you failed the entrance exams, you have the opportunity to enter the Moscow Art Theater for a fee. In that case, you should contact the Admissions Office. Please note that scholarships are not paid to students on a paid basis. Candidates with higher education only study for a fee.

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