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“Silence, camera, motorbike!” Have you always dreamed of making a movie and yelling at the actors, “I don’t believe!”? Then you should go to the directing department. The main thing is to understand why this profession is necessary. Searching for and working on a script, thinking through an idea, selecting actors, and managing the entire process is work that requires complete dedication and immersion in the process. But once you’ve decided, let’s move on to the most important.

How do you get to the directing department?
How do you get to the directing department?


Step 1

Decide what kind of director you want to be. There are many possibilities: film director, sound engineer, director of performances, vacations, clips, and television programs.

Step 2

Please focus on the specific university you want to enroll in, as each carries out different creative tests, which you should prepare in advance. Among the educational institutions that educate the future Mikhalkovs: are Shchukinskoe, Schepkinskoe theatre schools, VGIK, GITIS, MITRO, GITR, and MGUKI.

Step 3

Take the Russian language and literature exam. The higher your score, the better chance you have of registering. Yet talent is the most crucial determinant of success.

Step 4

Act tour. Get ready to read fable, prose, and poem. Unfortunately, it is not available at all universities. Drama schools, for example, find it necessary that a director is a good actor and understands what he is reading.

Step 5

Interview. Check out the theory of the profession. After all, if you dedicate yourself to a business, you need to know all about it. Memorize directors, playwrights, composers, performers, key concepts, and history. The interview tests your general knowledge of the profession and your intellectual level.

Step 6

Paperwork. It is unknown exactly what it will be. Some institutes require an essay on a specific subject, others an autobiography in an artistic style, and still others – photographs. Such tests reveal professional skills and the type of thinking of the director.

Step 7

And finally, the practical part. Before the assignment, you will be asked to make a director’s sketch with the participation of the same applicants as you.

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