How to go to college after college | Education 2022

Some schoolchildren decide to continue their education after the ninth grade in a secondary specialized educational institution (college). There they master their public school education and get a profession. And after college or technical school, the graduate also has the option of going to a university.

How do you go to college after college?
How do you go to college after college?

It is needed

  • – diploma of graduation from high school;
  • – certificate of passing the exam;
  • – photos.


Step 1

Select a specialty and university for admission. Some universities offer college graduates, for example, in economics, the opportunity to study in a shortened program. It usually takes 3 or 3.5 years and is reduced by the subjects and disciplines high school graduates have previously learned. In this case, the university usually offers the opportunity to enter without passing the USE, according to its internal admission tests, or even after an interview.

Step 2

To radically change your specialty, you must enroll in a complete training program. To do this, first, take the exam in those subjects that your university requires. Graduates of specialized secondary schools usually take exams later in June than high school students. It is being tested at various universities. You can find the exam locations at your university’s admission office. 

Step 3

If you passed the exam with the highest possible score for you, apply to the university. You can choose up to five specializations from three universities and send or hand them over in person to the Admissions Officers, copies of your certificate of passing, and diploma of graduation from the technical school.

Step 4

Wait for the announcement of the applicant recruitment results. Higher education institutions generally publish an enrollment recommendation at the beginning of August. If you are on the correct list, submit the originals of your documents to the Admissions Office. Keep in mind that most universities have two waves of admission. First, enrollment is offered to people who have scored the maximum points. In the second – the remaining places are distributed if the applicants who passed in the first wave go to study in another place. So you still have a chance, even if your name is not on the first registration order.

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