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Helping your child with English is easy if you speak it fluently. This becomes a problem for parents who have just mastered it themselves or have studied another foreign language, for example, German, all their lives. But even in these cases, you can help the child understand the English language and improve his level at the same time.

How to help your child learn English that you don't know yourself
How to help your child learn English that you don’t know yourself

Watch your favorite cartoons

Watch cartoons in English more often with your child. You can easily find both original and modified versions on YouTube. If the child can already read, videos with subtitles are preferred. Then it will turn out to use auditory and visual memory.


Young children love to copy cartoon characters. Over time they will freely sing the song of Peppa Pig or Anna from “Frozen.” This will help improve pronunciation and vocabulary. Older children should be given movies in their native language to learn English ‘ life’.

Reading books

Read books with parallel translations in Russian. This is one of the most effective ways to learn a language. First of all, reading will significantly expand your vocabulary. For the little ones, choose books with the alphabet or animals. They should contain colorful images. You are giving fairy tales to children from 5 years old.

You don’t have to be afraid to give your child books entirely in English. Linguists agree that they should do this as soon as possible. Then reading is experienced as something natural and not as a tedious activity.

You can use not only regular but also electronic versions of the books. There are many sites on the internet with similar posts. Audiobooks are also acceptable. There is a double benefit: the child begins to replenish the vocabulary and hear the correct pronunciation.

game activity

This is perhaps the most effective way to teach children English. When choosing games, one should take the age and interests of the child into account. So, children, with the help of the pyramid, successfully learn coloring, “small-large” sizes, and counting to 10. Do not exclude creativity: drawing, applications, and crafts from plasticine. Only all this must be accompanied by commentary in English.

You can play at home or on the street. Games such as “What can be tall/round/white,” etc., are suitable for traveling. They are great for keeping kids entertained, building vocabulary, and developing thinking. Role-playing games, such as mothers and daughters, should also be used.


Work with your child regularly, but without fanaticism. English speaking must be present every day, and it is enough to spend 15-20 minutes on the language. You don’t have to make up for missed time if there were gaps in class. Learning should be fun and easy. Give children the freedom to choose what they want to watch, read and listen to.

Take your goals seriously. It is enough for a child to learn pronunciation and syntax. However, it is an impossible task to teach him to express himself fluently in English when you don’t know it yourself. You still have to contact a language school or a tutor for this.

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