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Modern man uses less and less pencil and paper to write; Most notes now have to be saved using a PC. Unfortunately, this widespread automation is poor handwriting for most people. Nevertheless, you can work on improving your writing.

How to improve your handwriting
How to improve your handwriting


Step 1

The first reason for ugly writing may be that you hold the pen incorrectly. The end should be pointing toward your right shoulder. There are unique accessories in modern office supply stores to help you maintain the cell correctly.

Step 2

You don’t have to strain your fingers and wrist too much while typing. When writing, try to use the muscles in your arms and shoulders. To train the shoulder muscles, you need to write more often in a vertical plane, for example, on a blackboard. You can simulate writing letters in the air. The main thing is to remember that it should relax the elbow, but the shoulder muscles should be working. 

Step 3

If possible, look for samples of famous people’s manuscripts. Perhaps the letter from one of them will inspire you to change and correct yours. Then, decide which writing style suits you best. Maybe it’s a calligraphic classic or a sleek modern script with weird curves.

Step 4

Practice a lot with your handwriting. Try to copy some text on paper, write your name, or practice painting as soon as possible. Always carry a pen and notebook with you. Draw more. Drawing allows you to fill your hand. As a result, writing becomes more even and correct. Try writing with different pens, even the most clumsy ones. It takes effort to print letters with a very fine or very thick pen. This is very useful when training. In the beginning, you can try writing on lined paper, which will teach you how to print even letters.

step 5

Special schools are opening in many cities, where both adults and children are taught to work with the letter. If you have a desire and financial capacity, seek help from specialists.

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