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Many people confuse intelligence with creativity and scholarship. At the same time, it unites all the cognitive faculties of a person: sensation, perception, memory, representation, thought, and imagination. Even in adulthood, you can make positive changes by acting regularly and systematically.

How to increase your intelligence
How to increase your intelligence


Step 1

understand the terminology

When scientists talk about general intelligence, they mean how this person adapts to the environment in general. But people of similar general intelligence are believed to have different specific skills. Some are technical, some are humanitarian, some dance, some crochet. Therefore, the symbol S is always present in the intelligence formula, an indicator of specific skills. These skills are needed for particular tasks. And they were shaped by a unique experience, either by social circumstances (parents were forced to play music) or by one’s inclinations (as a child, he dreamed of learning to dance the samba). If a person is engaged in self-improvement, he must know which aspects of his personality and which elements of the intellect should be pumped. 

Step 2

Choose the most important.

The psychologist Thurstone has identified seven classic aspects of intelligence. The first is the ability to work with numbers. The second is the ability to express yourself easily, to choose the most precise words. The third is the ability to understand spoken and written speech. The fourth aspect is spatial orientation, or the ability to imagine different objects and shapes in space. The fifth is memory. The sixth is the ability to reason. Seventh – the speed of perception of similarities or differences between objects, rapid analysis of details, and the ability to distinguish them into groups based on characteristic features. It is essential to understand that all elements of intelligence are interconnected. For example, if you stimulate speech skills, the memory will improve. The main thing is to find the right exercises.

Step 3


The genre’s classics are chess, reading, music, dancing, and foreign languages. Chess: analysis, memory, spatial thinking. I am reading: memory, speaking skills, and reasoning ability. Music and dance cover all seven aspects of intelligence, as they involve not only practical training but also theoretical knowledge. In addition, these are group classes, which means that a circle of friends with similar interests is involved. This involves communication and thus learning new skills. And that is very good for the intellect. In this regard, foreign languages ​​are one of the most effective methods of improving the brain.

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