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Speaking of investments, they often refer to monetary investments. The most profitable investment is purchasing an object whose price will increase significantly over time. It can also be considered such an object, intending to increase its value in the labour market, business, sport or other spheres of life where there is competition.

You can invest time and money
You can invest time and money


Step 1

Determine the growth direction. To do this, determine which area of ​​life you want to achieve great success in the coming years. Make a specific choice. Set ambitious long-term goals when it comes to sports. When you think about business, be specific about your industry.

Step 2

Identify the top 10 experts in this field. Talk to people from this sphere: review newspaper and magazine articles. Look at the history of performance stored in the statistics of specialized sites. You should have a “top ten” of experts to follow.

Step 3

Contact these professionals for training opportunities. They may have published articles and books, and some have been interviewed. Some have taught courses, while others teach courses, seminars, and distance schools. Please find all information about these training opportunities, and visit their sites. 

Step 4

Examine all books. It is better to study the books of the best professionals before enrolling in courses and training. The first self-preparation will bring the mind to the right level, help you master the terminology of the chosen direction and will later enable you to speak with your mentors in the same professional language. It is helpful to take notes in books and then reread them.

step 5

Follow training and courses. If it is not possible to learn directly from the best specialists, visit the training courses of others. Just make sure that they are not run by theorists but by people who have achieved something in the field in question.

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