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Landscaping is a fashionable and lucrative trend. Many aspire to create a corner of the Garden of Eden in their dacha, where they can relax alone with nature. Demand creates supply. However, finding a place to learn landscape design is not easy.

How to learn landscape design
How to learn landscape design

It is needed

  • – the Internet;
  • – courses.


Step 1

An excellent option for residents of large cities is registering for courses. Experienced tutors will help you figure out landscape design, recommend literature, and help the most gifted students find work. Currently, there are many courses ranging from several months to several years. Students take exams and receive certificates upon completion. And if methods of a few months are considered amateurish, you can safely get a job at a landscape design company after two years.

Step 2

You can check individually if you don’t want to study in a group, take exams and compete with another dozen people. For example, some authors of landscape design books give individual lessons in this area. You and your instructor will be able to create a convenient schedule for both of you and will focus all your attention on you. 

Step 3

In small towns, it is difficult to find courses in this type of activity, so you will have to master the science of landscape design on your own. However, many books and textbooks can be downloaded on the internet about different styles of garden decoration. Register in a particular forum where amateurs and professionals in the field of landscape design communicate – they will be happy to introduce you to the literature you need and from which they have studied.

Step 4

Most cities have landscaping businesses. If you aspire to master this science, try to get a job in one of them. In small towns, it is not difficult to do this because there are no educational institutions that provide specialized education. At the same time, if you have the ingredients for drawing, it will be a big plus. Maybe you went to a children’s art school or graduated from university. The knowledge you gain in practice will be much more critical and valuable than the courses you have taken and the books you read.

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