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Working as a train conductor has always been associated with romance. However, traveling halfway across the country attracts students who want to earn extra money during the summer holidays and those for whom the road is a calling. Within a few months, you will master a new profession.

How do you learn to be a guide?
How do you learn to be a guide?

It is needed

  • – application form for admission;
  • – medical certificate;
  • – 6 photos 3×4 cm;
  • – a copy of the passport;
  • – a copy of the workbook;
  • – a copy of the educational document (certificate, diploma);
  • – a copy of TIN;
  • – a copy of the certificate of the pension insurance;
  • – military identity card;
  • – a copy of the medical policy.


Step 1

Read more about the possibility of training as a train conductor at the Russian Railways’ local branch in the passenger depot’s personnel department. You can get this profession in specialized educational institutions (colleges, technical schools, vocational schools) or on short-term courses organized at railway universities or colleges. In secondary specialized educational institutions, obtaining a profession takes 9-10 months. Classes can last 1-3 months, depending on the curriculum. With secondary education, men and women from 18 to 45 years old are accepted for training. But it is better to clarify the conditions immediately upon admission. In most cases, future guides are trained for free.

Step 2

Schedule a preliminary meeting. You don’t have to take any exams to register for the courses, but making a good impression on the admissions committee is essential. The future guide should give the appearance of a balanced, responsible, and orderly person. Complete a medical examination and submit all necessary documents. The handler must be in good health and resistant to stress. Be realistic about assessing your health.

Step 3

After studying the theoretical part, you have to get acquainted in practice with the carriage layout and the conductor’s duties and then pass the exams, after which you are immediately admitted to the work. Then, do an internship with a guide. Before the training, fill out a health book, and visit all the necessary doctors. After completing the internship, you will receive a certificate from the conductor of the train carriage of the 3rd category. In the course, guides usually help to find a job (both temporary and permanent).

Step 4

With a conductor’s diploma, you can go to any branch of the Russian Railways and inquire about the availability of vacancies. After completing advanced training after two years, you increase your grade to 4th, which entitles you to drive branded trains and positively affects wages.

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