How to learn to solve problems in chemistry | Education 2022

The school curriculum is quite rich, and theoretical knowledge is assimilated, but there are no practical problem-solving skills. What to do and how to learn to solve chemical problems? What is required of a student first?

chemistry homework
chemistry homework

Solving chemistry problems has its quirks, and it is necessary to find a starting point to help you understand this complex subject.

What you need to know to solve chemistry problems

To correctly solve chemistry problems, you first need to know the valence of the elements. The composition of the formula of a substance depends on this; nor can the equation of a chemical reaction be worked out and balanced without regard to valence. The periodic table is used in almost all tasks. Therefore, it would be best to learn how to use it correctly to get information about chemical elements, mass, and electronic levels. Most often, in the tasks, it is required to calculate the mass or volume of the resulting product – this is the basis. 

If the valence is incorrectly determined, all calculations are wrong.

And then, other more complex tasks will be easier to solve. But first of all, the formulas of substances and correctly composed equations of current reactions indicate what will eventually happen and in what form. It can be a liquid, a free-evolving gas, or a solid that precipitates or dissolves in water or another drink.

Where to start with solving chemistry problems?

To solve the problem, the condition is briefly described. Then the reaction equation is worked out. For example, you can consider specific data: you need to determine the mass of the obtained substance, aluminum sulfide, by the reaction of metal aluminum with sulfuric acid if aluminum is taken 2.7 grams. You need to pay attention only to known substances, then – to those that need to be found. 

You have to start solving by converting the mass in grams to molar. Then, create a reaction formula, plug in the mass values ​​, and calculate the ratio. After solving a simple task, you can try to master a similar scheme on your own, but with different items, as they say, to get it. The formulas will be the same, and only the elements will change. Solving all chemical problems comes down to writing the correct procedure for a substance and working out the correct reaction equation.

All tasks are solved on one principle, and the main thing is to arrange the coefficients in the equation correctly.

For exercises, you can use the internet, there are many different tasks, and there you see the solution algorithm, which you can then apply yourself. The advantage is that you can always see the correct answer, and if your total doesn’t match, sort it to find the error. You can also use reference books and problem sets for training.

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