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So you write a thesis, diploma, dissertation, scientific article… There is, of course, no time to go to the library. And why go there when the internet is available? And there are hundreds of electronic libraries, sites, and portals where you can find and download the information you need. Using internet resources is perfectly legal in modern science. And even there are rules for their design prescribed in state standards.

How to link to an internet resource
How to link to an internet resource

It is needed

GUEST R 7.0.5-2008


Step 1

Determine what kind of links you need: inline (included in the sentence itself), subscript (listed at the bottom of the page), or back-text (listed in the bibliography at the end of your work). Inline links are not often used because they clutter up the main text. Here is an example of such a link to a website: (RelevantMedia: [site]† URL: However, in most cases, it is required to create out-of-text links to electronic resources – we will discuss these.

Step 2

Include the surname and initials of the work’s author (if there are no more than three, then separated by commas). For example: Ivanov AA, Petrov BB. In this case, if there are four or more authors, the document description must start with the title and follow the authors with a slash. 

Step 3

After the author’s initials, you should give the title, i.e., the book’s full title or article.

For example, Ivanov AA, Petrov BB How to make money from text exchanges.

If you are dealing with a collection of works or a collective monograph, list only the name of the group and the editor or the first author (the first three are possible).

For example, How to make money from text exchanges: Sat. art. / ed. AA Ivanova. Or: How to make money with text exchanges / Ivanov AA, Petrov BB, Sidorov VV [etc.]†

Step 4

Then indicate the place of publication (city), publisher, date of publication of the work, and the volume in pages (if this is known and it is recommended to indicate it). Whether should place a dash before the place of publication and the number of pages is a matter of taste of the work’s author or educational/scientific institution.

For example, Ivanov AA, Petrov BB How to make money from text exchanges. – Bobruisk: Light of Reason, 2011.– 66 p. 

Step 5

Now the specific design of the internet resource begins. First, we print without fail: [Electronic resource]† Then we indicate the URL (address of the page on the Internet) and, in brackets, the date of access. Instead of a URL, you can write “Access Mode.”

For example, Ivanov AA, Petrov BB How to make money from text exchanges. – Bobruisk: Light of Reason, 2011.– 66 p. [Electronic resource]† URL: (accessed date: 20.10.2011).

If this is an article in an online magazine, format it like this:

Ivanov AA, Petrov BB How to Make Money from Text Exchanges // Copywriting Questions: Network Journal. 2011. URL: http://www.copywriting questions/article/copywriting-21.pdf? P = 122 (date consulted: 20.10.2011)

Step 6

Include the internet source you described in the general bibliography in alphabetical or citation order. If you prefer not to use specific books and articles but sites and portals in the worktext, you may not need to include them in the general list of used literature but in a separate list of Internet resources.

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