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When hiring candidates, companies often set requirements for candidates, indicating a certain typing speed as a necessary skill. You may be typing at a decent pace, but you just haven’t counted how many characters per second you can print. There are several ways to measure your typing speed.

How to measure your typing speed
How to measure your typing speed

It is needed

  • – a computer with internet access;
  • – stopwatch;
  • – Word or Open Office program.


Step 1

Check your print speed online. To do this, go to the site and select the language of the set, for example, Russian or English. Then type the suggested text, and all errors should be corrected immediately. The system automatically calculates the typing speed and the number of mistakes. Here you can also try to measure typing speed in a game form and register for this on the site. By clicking on the link “Recruitment competitions,” you will see different participants, and you will compete with them in real-time (while the intermediate results can be seen in the form of the movement of cars “Formula 1”).

Step 2

If you do not want to print the text suggested by the program, you can follow the link Here you can type any text you wish within a minute, choose a poem from memory, or come up with sentences on the go. This program does not count errors but considers the number of characters typed so that the quality of the text remains on your conscience.

Step 3

To have the dialling speed tester always at hand, download the free version to your computer regardless of internet presence.

Step 4

If this method doesn’t suit you, try the old way. First, choose any text, and count the number of characters in it. To do this, copy it to the Word program, and look at the number of characters without spaces in the “Service” section by selecting “Statistics” from the menu. You can also count the number of characters using the Open Office program in the “File” section. Next, time yourself with a stopwatch and start typing. Once the text ends, turn off the stopwatch immediately. Then convert the time spent into seconds, bearing in mind that there are 60 seconds in a minute, and divide the number of characters in the text by the resulting number. This way, you know the number of beats per second. Multiplying this number by 60 gives you the number of digits per minute.

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