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It isn’t easy to find someone delighted with his mental abilities and does not dream of improving them, becoming more intelligent and resourceful. However, you can train your brain all your life to get the most out of its resources, which will help you make quick decisions in the future and increase your skills in certain areas.

How to Overclock Your Brain
How to Overclock Your Brain


Step 1

Dark chocolate has a beneficial effect on brain function. To wake up your mental activity, eat a slice of dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa. It is also helpful to chew mint gum and do articulation and facial exercises. Exercise, wash with cold water, or take a contrast shower.

Step 2

Start training your brain by visualizing different images; for example, try looking at yourself from the side and achieve maximum immersion in this state. Next, close the right eye and try to “turn off” the brain’s right hemisphere.

Step 3

Then close the left eye and turn off the brain’s left hemisphere. Will do the exercise correctly if you notice that your feelings change depending on which hemisphere you have ‘turned off. 

Step 4

Mentally pronounce tongue twisters and pronounce them within yourself, clearly, and quickly. Try to speed up the course of your thoughts – think of familiar phrases and formulations, but mentally pronounce them as promptly as possible. This allows the brain to warm up and prepare for more mental work.

step 5

You can artificially increase the flow of adrenaline in the body: with regular exercise, the body will get used to the fact that it perceives boredom, apathy, and sluggishness as a direct threat, meaning it starts producing adrenaline which stimulates brain activity.

Step 6

After over-excitement, you need to calm your brain; this will increase the efficiency of mental activity. Find a way to relax and prepare that suits you.

Step 7

Listen to music that makes you feel complete, meditate, read, relax, and do things that inspire and harmonize you. Think about your dreams and plans, and imagine how you can achieve them. Trust yourself and your success, and you will soon find that your thinking is much more efficient.

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