How to raise the rank of a cook | Education 2022

Are you a seasoned chef and are you sure you can handle a harder job with a higher salary? In this case, you need to solve the problem of increasing the discharge.

How to raise the rank of a cook?
How to raise the rank of a cook?

It is needed

a statement is written in the name of the head of the organization, endorsed by your immediate supervisor


Step 1

Contact your direct supervisor (production manager) with a request to increase the category and a statement. Your organization’s management must decide whether to send you on refresher courses or train you in more complex business jobs.

Step 2

If management decides to refer you to refresher courses, you will receive a referral from the organization. You can agree that you commit to working for a certain period after completing your studies. Taking classes, passing exams, passing scabs (Certificate of completion of courses with the assignment of a new category). Your organization will assign you a new rank based on this certificate.

Step 3

You will be assigned a mentor if they decide to teach you more complex work directly in production. First, study the theory yourself, that is, what you need to know when working on a higher degree. Then you will be assigned an exam day. The exam consists of a theoretical and practical part. First, answer the theory questions in the theory part of the exam. Then, in the valuable element, carry out practical work on a raised grade. The committee checks the result and decides on the assignment of a new category to you.

Step 4

The committee then prepares a certification sheet for you, which you take to the personnel department. The document is kept in your file. Based on this, they will issue an order to assign you a new category and make an entry in the workbook.

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