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Each of us has lost something at one time or another. Keychains, books, keys, umbrellas, telephones… the list goes on. If they can replace the lock relatively without any problems, buy the umbrella and the new book, then the loss of documents, be it a passport or license, seems like a nightmare to many. And if a diploma of education disappears, and at work, where are you going to find a job, is it actively requested?

How to get back a lost diploma
How to get back a lost diploma


Step 1

That’s just how it is with a degree, and everything is not that difficult. At least on paper.

First, you have to report the loss to the police (i.e., the police) that the diploma has been lost, get a certificate there, or advertise it in the local media. Better to do both.

Step 2

After that, you must apply to your educational institution. In it, you must indicate precisely when you studied at this university and in what year you defended your diploma. At this faculty, your specialty, and, finally, how you lost the document (the circumstances of the loss of the paper, speaking in the dry language of the order of the Ministry of Education of the RO of 05/19/2008 no. 1336, item 2.12). This is where a police certificate and an announcement of the loss in a local newspaper come in handy. They are attached to the application as documents confirming that you have lost the diploma and do not want to receive a second one for some of your purposes. 

Step 3

After all these manipulations, you can finally get a duplicate of your diploma. Must provide it to you no later than one month after applying.

Step 4

The educational institution has the right to charge money to restore the diploma and can determine the amount itself. So get ready to go. The amount of the reimbursement is usually stated in the statute of the educational institution.

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