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Regardless of the form of study, students have the right to continue their education even if they are excluded. Grades obtained at the university are valid for five years. During this period, the student retains the right to reassignment to the institution.

How do you recover at the institute if you are deported?
How do you recover at the institute if you are deported?


Step 1

Before starting the academic year, write to the dean’s office of the university where you studied. If you are voluntarily removed for a good reason, the institute will restore your student status from the course and form of study you studied before exclusion. At the same time, you must not be in debt, and the reasons for not showing up for exams and tests must be documented, for example, during sick leave.

Step 2

Suppose you are suspended due to insufficient scientific evidence, a severe violation of internal regulations, or your own free will without stating reasons. In that case, the university board will decide your reassignment based on the institutional statute. Please request a copy of this document and read it carefully. The conditions for restoration are different in every educational institution; some institutions shorten the application period. Write a statement to the dean’s office about your wish to continue studying. Meet your faculty dean personally and discuss your position. Given the availability of vacancies and a positive management impression, recovery is entirely possible. 

Step 3

After considering the application, you will be asked to pay off your debts and start studying from the semester removed from you. With this statement and a work-around-sheet, buy off all outstanding debts privately. If this is not possible, we must repeat the previous semester. You may be offered contract training. In some institutions, the recovery procedure is paid for itself. Restoration is only possible if there are free places. Suppose the number of students who wish to continue their studies exceeds the number of free classes. In that case, registration can take place on a competitive basis, for which a special committee is created.

Step 4

If the institution where you were previously enrolled refused you, ask it for an undergraduate degree or state undergraduate degree and a copy of the logbook. Use these documents to contact other educational institutions with a similar profile. Then, based on the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of 21.10.2009 No. 442, you can continue to study in it, starting from the course from which removed you, or a little earlier if the training programs differ.

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