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If you entered the institute, you intend to finish it. Still, your studies may be interrupted for various reasons such as illness, childbirth, family circumstances, relocation, or even not being able to pay for the next semester. Can remove you from the institution due to insufficient academic failure and in violation of the statute of the educational institution. If you have good reasons, you can write an application for a sabbatical. In that case, each student has the right to be reassignment to the institution for five years.

How to recover at the institute?
How to recover at the institute?


Step 1

You can start studying from the semester you went on academic leave. If the reason was valid and you have been issued the appropriate educational rest, you must come to the institute and write a statement to the dean’s office. If you have not brought the documents from the institute, bring new proof of passing the medical committee.

Step 2

In the event of expulsion, you are also entitled to reinstatement to the institution. You must also write an application to the dean’s office. After reviewing the application, you will either be asked to report all tails you have been removed from and begin training the semester of your dropout or at the beginning of the school year. In some universities, for recovery upon removal, they must pay registration. They may also offer to switch from a budgetary form of education to a paid arrangement. 

Step 3

Studying in the first year of the institute, you generally have to re-enter the institute for whatever reason you could not continue your studies.

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