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Dismissal from the university can be a forced measure, or it can happen at the student’s fault. Whatever the reason, if you are still striving to continue your studies, there is almost always an opportunity to recover in the chosen faculty rather than look for another suitable university and start all over again. To start.

How to recover to college after expulsion?
How to recover to college after expulsion?


Step 1

Under federal law, you can recover without any particular problems if no more than five years have passed since eviction and if you were evicted of your own free will. The condition is that the displacement must have a valid reason. Good excuses include your medical condition, the need to care for a new baby or sick relative, military service, or an extended business trip. Then you will be reinstated in the same degree program you left from, on a budget or commercial basis – depending on whether you studied at your own expense or the state’s expense. Suppose there are not enough budget places for everyone who wants to recuperate. In that case, a special committee selects the candidates, and the rest have to agree with the university about the tuition fees. 

Step 2

If the reason for removal was not valid (scientific absenteeism, absenteeism, failure to comply with the agreements with the university), or you stopped your studies of your own accord without giving any reason. Recovery is only possible on a paid basis. The order of restoration, in this case, is determined by the charter of a particular university. Contact the dean of the faculty where you studied or the university board. They will explain exactly what needs to be done and the university’s conditions. Usually, the student is invited to explore the same course or attend the procedure below. You must, in any case, pay off the debt that has arisen.

Step 3

To recover, apply for the name of the headmaster. You may need to be interviewed by a faculty committee. In addition to student debt, you have to master and get through the difference in curricula yourself, so the less time that elapses between removal and recovery, the better.

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