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The closer summer approaches, the more schoolchildren begin to think about passing the “beloved” state exam, or the unified state exam for short. As unpleasant as it is, the future depends on this particular exam in most cases. If the Ministry of Education of Russia does not make new changes to the rules for choosing an exam, mathematics, as before, will remain a compulsory subject to pass the exam. We’ll talk about it now.

How to solve the exam in math?
How to solve the exam in math?


Step 1

It is probably not worth recalling again that to successfully pass the unified state exam in any subject, and you must constantly and diligently prepare, take courses, study with teachers, and around the clock with textbooks should sit and not even have to go outside the street. Teachers do an excellent job with this task.

Step 2

The exam should pay particular attention (sorry for this pun). Oddly enough, attention. For many students, it is because of inattention that they receive insufficiently high scores.

Step 3

It would be best to familiarize yourself with the control and measurement materials. A detailed study in the future will allow you to avoid a mediocre mistake, which can have an unfortunate effect on the entire result of the exam. 

Step 4

When familiarizing yourself with CMMs (control and measurement materials), pay attention to the filling fields on what kind of pen you have to fill in. Usually, this information is given by teachers in the classroom. At the same place, there is intensive preparation for passing the exam.

Step 5

Sleep right before the exam itself. If you come to the exam with an absent appearance and bruises under the eyes, it will certainly not improve the results. It is better to have a hearty breakfast in the morning so that the feeling of hunger does not disturb the train of thought during the exam. If you believe in signs, you can observe some of them. For example, shout “Freebie catch” in the open window at midnight. This is a student tradition. Nevertheless, it does not lose its relevance for schoolchildren.

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