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Professional development is a prerequisite for an employee in any field of work. After all, modern technologies are developing at a breakneck pace, and those who work in an old-fashioned way have every chance of being replaced by a more “advanced” specialist.

How to make a person learn?
How to make a person learn?


Step 1

If a person stubbornly refuses to improve his qualifications, find out why this “reluctance.” Maybe he does not understand the fundamental need to gain new knowledge, or he will not work in this specialty in the future. And perhaps he has temporary problems in the family and has nothing personal against training.

Step 2

Hold seminars among colleagues and subordinates on innovative technologies, methods, and work techniques. Create a learning environment in a team, a spirit of creativity, and intelligent competition. Emphasize that you need literate, industry-conscious employees. Give an example of those who have already completed courses and improved their qualifications, highlighting opportunities for growth and career advancement. 

Step 3

Create a stimulating environment for employees who want to improve their skills. This can be both material incentives and other methods, for example, working conditions equipped with modern equipment.

Step 4

Send employees to precious courses, not select them formally, “for show.” Refresher courses should teach a person new knowledge and skills in the field of his activity.

Step 5

Please take advantage of fines and penalties for employees who do not want to improve their skills. This may include restrictions on the provision of time off, benefits, additional payments, etc.

Step 6

As one of the clauses of the employment contract, the option of taking additional training, if the employee violates this clause, inform him that may terminate the agreement.

Step 7

Remember that such courses, primarily if taught in another city or country, have the right to refuse pregnant women and workers with small children.

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