How to transfer to a budget of a paid | Education 2022

Paid higher education is becoming more common. But not all students know that even if one has entered a place out of budget, one can eventually transfer to a place where the state will bear the tuition fees. So how do you switch from a paid branch to a budget branch?

How to transfer to a budget from a paid budget
How to transfer to a budget from a paid budget


Step 1

Find out if university rules provide this translation option. This is usually acceptable if several requirements are met, and a budget is available. For example, translation is only possible in some universities with a high average mark in the record book and the absence of triplets.

Step 2

Get the best possible grades on exams and tests, and participate in the university’s internal affairs. Community service can also be a plus for you when considering your candidacy.

Step 3

Regularly check with the dean’s office after each session whether budget places are available in your specialism. If you receive a positive answer, please register under the rector’s name. However, there may be several such applicants, but there is no guarantee of a successful translation. If your application is approved, you can stop paying from the next semester or year, depending on the university’s decision. 

Step 4

If you can no longer afford your studies and there are no free state-funded places at your university, try contacting another university. In the event of a successful combination of circumstances, you may be able to transfer to the budget department of another educational institution with a comparable specialization. This is usually possible in those universities where the competition is low.

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