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Switching from one setting to another is a serious step that should be considered so as not to make mistakes. After all, such a decision does mean not only the re-registration of documents but also a change in the team and the usual environment. Only act if you are determined to overcome all obstacles.

How to switch to another institution?
How to switch to another institution?


Step 1

Consider all the reasons you want to switch from your institution and weigh the pros and cons. Often in student life, there are situations where a decision is not made by the head but by emotions. There can be many reasons for this: there is no mutual understanding with the teacher, conflict in the group, etc. Perhaps after some deliberation, you decide to graduate from this institute and then follow a second higher education or go to school for another specialty.

Step 2

If you confidently decide to change the direction of your education, first go to the dean’s office of the institute where you want to study. You need information about the number of budgets (or commercial) places. Sometimes the groups are fully staffed, and you have to wait until the following year to transfer. If there are vacancies, try to make an appointment with the dean or director. Firstly, you inform about your wish to communicate, and secondly, you learn about a possible interview when you are admitted to the institute. 

Step 3

Then go to the dean’s office of the educational institution where you are listed. Upon admission, a personal file and an envelope with documents are prepared for each student, containing the application, the exam sheet, photos, and details of all exams, tests, and practices. If you leave the institution, you must cross out the application and the exam sheet, hand the photos to you, and take your student card and study book. If necessary, you can ask to create an attribute for you and get data on your progress.

Step 4

Then you will have to re-visit the place of your future study. You will receive an application form from the secretariat of the dean’s office, which you need to fill out and prepare an examination sheet and take photos (3-4 pieces in the format 3 * 4). Later you can get a student and a record. Find out about differences when re-including elements. For example, if you brought documents to the same university but can determine another institute, the difference in the student record in consultation with the teachers (teachers will quickly write down all the exams and exams already passed if you studied with them). However, if you are transferring to a new university, you may need to take all the courses to test your knowledge and fill out the credit.

Step 5

With a commercial application, you have to pay tuition fees for a year or six months (you will also receive the supplies at the dean’s office). Then, after the problems with the documents have been resolved, you can safely get acquainted with classmates.

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