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One of the most important skills in foreign languages ​​is listening, that is, listening to a foreign speech. For those learning English in a non-English speaking country, this is usually the most difficult.

How to understand English by ear
How to understand English by ear


Step 1

Every skill, including listening to English, must be trained. Since it seems very difficult at first, most students, consciously or unconsciously, try to leave these lessons “for later,” first trying to master grammar and pronunciation, learning new words, but not listening. But in theory, one can learn no skill; exercise is required. After all, you can’t learn to swim just by reading how to do it properly.

Step 2

Surround yourself with English as much as possible. Use the Internet to listen to English-language radio broadcasts, watch English and American movies without dubbing, and use audio educational materials. At the same time, it is not necessary to set aside time for this – it is enough to listen, wash the dishes, iron the clothes, and clean. Even if you don’t understand individual words or can’t say what it is about, listening like this will help you get used to the pace and style of the language. 

Step 3

Try to use materials that are of personal interest to you – someone is more suited to listening to British news, someone can listen for hours to songs by English-speaking artists, someone finds it more valuable and compelling to listen to particular educational texts, and someone sees the meaning only in direct communication with friends.

Step 4

Practice regularly, and make it a rule to spend some time each day listening – as long as you can, but the more, the merrier.

Step 5

When you start listening, don’t forget to train other skills – grammar, reading, speaking, and writing. To get the maximum effect when learning a language, you need to study in a complex way.

Step 6

When listening to the lyrics with purpose, be focused but not tense. Compose images based on known vocabulary and not pay attention to the unknown. This is a common mistake – students hear an unintelligible word or phrase and, thinking what it means, lose their minds and are entirely disoriented in the text. However, these words may be completely unimportant to understand the meaning.

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