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Most research projects require financial support from multiple grants. However, applying for a scholarship does not mean that you will get the amount needed to carry out even the most important and exciting research project. What needs to be done to maximize the chance of a subsidy?

How to win a scholarship?
How to win a scholarship?


  • – perseverance;
  • – a computer;
  • – word processor;


Step 1

First, choose the right fairs and competitions you want to participate in. It would be best not to focus on too expensive projects when applying for the first time.

Step 2

It is much easier to get a collaborative grant performed by an entire lab or department in your organization than to win an individual grant.

Step 3

Since 2008, the government has preferred young researchers, so if you are, your chances of getting a scholarship are significantly higher. If you are over 35 years old, make sure that there are young specialists among the executors of the fair.

Step 4

Although the use of the words “innovative,” “unique,” “nano,” etc., in a grant application, has no semantic meaning, it is strangely advisable to look for them.

step 5

Evaluate how your work aligns with the direction of the competition and formulate the title and primary purpose of the study based on this.

step 6

Please ensure that you complete all application forms and additional materials submitted with the competition.

Step 7

Apply for an amount less than the maximum available under the grant, significantly increasing your chances of winning.

step 8

It is advisable to have a backlog of work and several publications on the subject at the time of application. The grant committee must have the impression that their research is almost finished and that it is very close to finalizing and implementing their ideas into practice.

step 9

Inquire about the possibility of patenting the results obtained during the research. If there is such a possibility, please indicate this in the application.

step 10

It is advisable not to seek assistance from outside organizations or limit such interactions to the entire departments or laboratories of the research institute when planning the grant implementation.

step 11

Finally, you need to ensure that your work is the best, the most meaningful, and the most rewarding.

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