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During the internship, the student has to learn a lot, including analyzing the work of both individual employees and the company. In addition, the intern must demonstrate his skill in the report. The introduction usually provides brief information about the company, the technologies, and scientific developments. In the central section, the student describes what he did during the exercise, and in conclusion, the whole work is summarized, and decisions are drawn.

How do you write a conclusion about practice?
How do you write a conclusion about practice?

It is needed

  • – introduction and the main text of the practical report;
  • – methodological recommendations for the preparation and presentation of the report;
  • – a computer with a text editor.


Step 1

Write the report yourself. An approximate example of the design of this document is usually given in an educational institution, as well as guidelines for it. Could you read them carefully? They indicate the exact requirements for this work, adopted in your educational institution. There are also some general requirements. For example, the conclusion should be pretty short. It takes no more than two pages.

Step 2

Indicate which production process you participated in during the practice, which technologies and scientific developments have been used in it, and whether this technology is the development of the team of this company or has been adapted to the specific needs of an existing one. Consider whether the company has sufficient resources to exploit a particular technology. If the answer is no, analyze what opportunities the company misses to be more successful. This will be one of your conclusions. 

Step 3

Assess the company’s human resources. Write down how many employees of which specialisms work there, how their numbers and qualifications correspond to the needs of the production. If you notice that there are not enough specialists, do not forget to indicate this. The conclusion might look like this: “So the company has sufficient human resources for the successful implementation of the production process of that and that product.”

Step 4

Briefly describe the difficulties the company is facing. Then, tell us what, in your opinion, the company can overcome. This may be a change in marketing policy, a new principle of organizing production, or the use of new technologies. The conclusion should be based solely on your observations.

Step 5

Think about the prospects for the company. Have you seen new development opportunities, and which ones? Next, write down whether it is possible to master new technologies and what it takes. This will be another conclusion in your report. 

Step 6

At some universities, interns are required to evaluate their performance on the job. In conclusion, about your work, indicate what you have learned and how much the company needs specialists of your profile and your qualifications. Don’t forget to write down any production issues you helped solve.

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