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The conclusion in the practical report is closely related to the introduction and interim findings made during the work. The decision is intended to summarize the entire production practice.

How do you write a conclusion in a practice report?
How do you write a conclusion in a practice report?


Step 1

A practice report reviews a student’s teaching and practice activities, containing an introduction, the report itself, and a conclusion. The last part is a significant indicator of how the trainee handled the theoretical and practical tasks.

Step 2

One of the main tasks of the helpful report is to teach the student about the analysis and introspection of the work performed. The conclusion is the part of the report that is based almost entirely on your findings and results.

Step 3

To write your conclusion:

  1. Go back to the introduction to your report, where you outlined the goals of your work, intermediate objectives, and critical theoretical provisions (if any).
  2. Indicate in your conclusion whether you have achieved your goals.
  3. Highlight the methods and approaches that seem most productive for you to get the job done. 

Step 4

List current scientific trends that have proven helpful to you during your internship. In your conclusion, show extensive knowledge of theoretical and practical material and the possession of interdisciplinary connections.

Step 5

Focus your attention on the new, relevant, and valuable information you receive during your work.

Step 6

List all the professional skills and abilities you have acquired during your internship (working with new types of documentation, mastering specialized computer programs, broadening your professional horizons).

Step 7

Please pay special attention to the difficulties encountered on the job and ways to overcome them. The most fundamental reasons that cause problems are the lack of experience of a young specialist and a significant gap between theoretical knowledge and the actual situation.

Step 8

Do not allow arbitrary deviations in your conclusion. Formulate your conclusions concisely, taking into account the logical structure of the story. The judgment volume in the report on practice should not exceed two printed sheets.

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