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A teacher or educator submits a set of documents for certification, usually including a signature presentation. It differs from other characteristics primarily because it is necessary to tell in it why this teacher is worthy of a higher category or victory in a competition. You may also need to participate in various contests, such as “Teacher of the Year” or “Educator of the Year.”

How do you write a description presentation for a teacher?
How do you write a description presentation for a teacher?

It is needed

  • – a computer with a text editor;
  • – methodological developments of the teacher;
  • – information about training, workplaces, refresher courses;
  • – data on participation in methodological associations and creative groups;
  • – data on publications of the teacher’s work.


Step 1

Gather the information you need for the performance representation. Can take them from the teacher himself. Information about the activities of methodological associations and creative groups is available in the education department, but you can ask the teacher or educator yourself. Information on education, workplace, and awards is available from the clerk’s office or the human resources department. 

Step 2

Each attribute begins with an indication of who it is written to, with the surname, first name, and patronymic. State your year of birth, title, and place of work. This is usually in the “headline” of the document and looks something like this: “Characteristics of Ivan Ivanovich Ivanov, born in 1979, teacher of such and such subject at school No. 1 in city N”.

Step 3

Tell us where and how he improves his qualifications, how much he strives to do so, and whether he uses the latest developments and modern pedagogical technologies in his work. Write about the methods the teacher works with and his products. In the description, they can be mentioned, and the teacher will reveal them in detail in other documents. Rate the effectiveness of the lessons or lessons. Be sure to check if the teacher or educator develops manuals independently.

Step 4

Describe how well the teacher works with the children’s team. Tell us what personal qualities he brings out in students or pupils and how successfully he does so. Answer the questions if the teacher or educator knows how to interest the children. Indicate whether there are winners of Olympiads, competitions, or exhibitions among the students. 

Step 5

Write about the teacher’s relationship with the teaching staff. Here it is necessary to say whether he enjoys authority and conveys experience. Indicate the forms of exchange of knowledge. This can include open classes, masterclasses, conferences, presentations, and more. Mention any publications.

Step 6

Pay attention to the teacher’s work with parents. Tell us about the forms of this work. They can be very different, even far from traditional parent-teacher meetings and one-on-one conversations. These are family clubs, joint walks and outings, open days, and a lecture hall for parents. Tell us about the human qualities of a teacher or educator.

Step 7

If your school or kindergarten has stationery with a logo, print the presentation. At the end of the characteristics, indicate your position, sign with a transcript and date of writing. For an official document, you also need the stamp of the educational institution.

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