How to write a dissertation on pedagogy | Education 2022

Modern pedagogical reality requires new approaches and modern technologies. But their scientific recognition is necessary for the introduction of innovative developments in the educational process.

How to write a dissertation on pedagogy
How to write a dissertation on pedagogy

It is needed

  • – your hypothesis;
  • – consultation with the scientific advisor;
  • – reference works;
  • – consultation with colleagues.


Step 1

Each dissertation is based on one or more problems. In your practice, you often encounter various methodological and scientific difficulties. If you know how to solve painful problems, start writing a scientific work. But check with your institute’s information department first to see if there are similar jobs. Knowing your predecessors can help you recognize their mistakes and improve their approach.

Step 2

After reading similar works on this topic, move on to a more comprehensive information collection. Use all the resources available (from the university library to modern electronic scientific forums). By combining tradition and innovation, you overcome opponents from both older and younger generations.

Step 3

Plan whether the practical or theoretical part of the work will be more meaningful to you. Both aspects should be studied and described at a high level. But if you are a practising teacher who has developed your methodology, it is much more important for the dissertation council to learn about your professional achievements. Therefore, opponents in the defence will attack the practical part.

Step 4

While writing your dissertation on pedagogy, constantly engage in mock debates with your colleagues. This will help you in the early stages to identify the weaknesses of your work and make the necessary corrections.

Step 5

When summarizing your research, don’t overestimate the results. Statistics that are too high will warn the committee.

Step 6

Follow strict writing guidelines approved by your management. Avoid expressive vocabulary and speech patterns that are not typical scientific styles.

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