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The training is a group lesson intended to develop and practice the desired skills. This is an interactive form of learning. Therefore, when designing and organizing training courses, special attention is paid to creating the conditions for practice.

How do you write a workout?
How do you write a workout?


Step 1

After choosing the training topic, choose a concise and lively name for it. You can call it “Sales Skills Training” or put it in a more artistic way: “How to sell an elephant” for example, the authorship of this formulation belongs to A. Barysheva.

Step 2

Write down the objectives of the training. They should reflect the desired result of the exercise. Use phrases that begin with the words: teach, train, create conditions for training, learn to apply, work, consolidate, etc.

Step 3

Define tasks. These are the actions that must perform during the course to achieve the objectives. For example, when developing cognitive training for children, you should indicate the implementation of individual exercises and games to develop memory, attention, thinking, keeping diaries or notebooks, etc. 

Step 4

Make the team rules that you will present to the participants at the beginning of the work. They regulate the behaviour of the members of the group, their communication and interaction. They should formulate the rules clearly and concisely, and their number should not exceed 10, which will ensure that they are remembered.

step 5

Find exercises that meet your goals and help you develop the skills you want. Additional games are needed to improve group work: warm-ups, change of focus, rally, etc.

Step 6

Organize all tasks so that they do not cause fatigue, keep the participants’ interest and use different perception channels. Alternate between different types of work: individual and group, or active and passive. At the end of each exercise, invite the participants to think about it and exchange opinions so that they can correct their actions.

Step 7

Find a way to measure skill development at the beginning and end of lessons. What will be the indicator of the participants’ success criteria? Schedule a time to discuss the session, and the group assesses their strategies, organizational issues and the farewell ritual.

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