How to write a letter in English | Education 2022

The rules of correspondence in English have their subtleties and nuances. Furthermore, if the rules in a personal letter can be ignored, that is unacceptable for a business paper. Therefore, for written communication with colleagues and partners abroad, it is worth studying the letter’s structure in English.

how to write a letter in english
how to write a letter in english


Step 1


In the top right corner, write your address according to international standards, e.g. Start with the number of the street, house and apartment (office) and then indicate the city, state, postal code and country. Next, please enter the date below. Then, after a few blank lines, enter the address of the letter received in the same order. The house number is traditionally placed before the street name (both are acceptable).

Step 2

Call and introductory sentence

If you do not know the letter’s recipient, please write Dear Sir/Madam. Otherwise, use Dear Sir/Madam. Smith (in a formal style) or Dear David (if you know the recipient well). Put a comma after the address, and start the introductory sentence with a new line with a lowercase letter. In the first line, you indicate the reason for your request: a response to a request, a reminder, a request, etc. 

Step 3

In the central section, state briefly and precisely the purpose of the message: discuss the agreement’s details, recall the delivery/payment terms, provide a price list, place an order, etc. At this point, the following clichés can be used:

I am writing to inform you that – I am writing to inform you that…

Attached: Attached to the letter…

Contact me – Contact me…

Looking forward to your response/further cooperation: with a reliable one for your prompt response/further cooperation…

Thank you for your response – Thank you for your response.

Step 4

Please use the courtesy form at the end of the letter:

Sincerely – Regards…

Sincerely – My congratulations…

Best regards – Best wishes…

Put a comma and write your name on a new line. Leave space on the printed letter for your handwritten signature.

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