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For many specialties, to consolidate theoretical knowledge during training, it is necessary to do an internship in a public or private organization. At the same time, the student from the staff is assigned a manager, who monitors the intern’s work and then writes a review on the past practice. How do you prepare this document correctly?

How do you write a manager's review of the practice?
How do you write a manager’s review of the practice?


Step 1

Start collecting feedback information as you practice. Note for yourself the strengths and weaknesses of the student’s work and the specific responsibilities he has performed in the organization.

Step 2

Write your review text. This document does not have a straightforward form, but there are mandatory elements. First, state the intern’s surname, first name, and patronymic, then the name of your organization, the department where he worked, and the period in which the internship took place. You can also indicate which specific position the intern has had.

Step 3

Next, describe the areas of work in which the intern was involved. For example, a student in a law firm may participate in the drafting of documents, attend attorneys’ communications with clients, and so on. 

Step 4

Indicate which specific knowledge the student has acquired in practice. For example, about a technical student doing an internship in a factory, you can write that he became acquainted with the complex production processes and learned about the modern organization of the company.

Step 5

At the end of the text, provide feedback on the student’s work. Assess his theoretical knowledge, diligence, desire to learn new things, and motivation in work. Also, give your opinion about the grade the student deserves. In this section, not only praise is allowed, but also constructive criticism, which will help a future specialist in his professional development.

Step 6

After the revocation, write your surname, first name, patronymic, title, and signature. Then the document must be endorsed by the head of the department or organization, and the paper must be stamped. Finally, you can transfer the assessment personally to the student or the dean’s office at his educational institution.

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