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The industrial practice is conducted before the final year of study at the university and is considered a pre-degree. The student then chooses a topic and writes a thesis based on this. This suggests that the industry practice report is an important document that will allow you to do preparatory work and collect economic, analytical, and statistical material used in writing a diploma.

How do you write a practical report?
How do you write a practical report?


Step 1

Together with the internship manager appointed by the company, you develop and approve the calendar-thematic plan for the internship. Then, discuss the main points of your report with him and discuss the topics you want to display in the information.

Step 2

In the introduction, tell us about the purpose of the internship and the tasks set out for you by the department and company leaders.

Step 3

Briefly describe the company where you conduct the industrial practice. Describe the volume and type of production and enterprise, the profile of its activities, organizational structure, technological features, characteristics of the movement, and the functioning of this enterprise in specific economic conditions. 

Step 4

Describe the methods of business management and methods of economic analysis. Reflect on the development and use of new technologies and the actions taken by management to improve the company’s operations.

Step 5

Tell us about the product range and the frequency of the updates. Provide the leading indicators of the organizational and technical level of production. Describe the technology and equipment used on it: rate specialization, collaboration, and degree of utilization of project capabilities. Tell us about interaction with suppliers, customers, and buyers, reflecting the presence of direct agreements.

Step 6

Describe and assess the organization of the enterprise, the structure of the accounting apparatus, and the organization of the document management system. Tell us about the application of accounting forms and methods and the operation of the internal control system. Evaluate the content and practices of statistical and analytical work in the enterprise, and tell us about the department dealing with it. 

Step 7

Conclude the work done. Please read the report, sign it with the company’s head of practice, request his assessment, and do not forget to certify the signature with its stamp.

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