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You have more or less completed an introductory, industrial or pre-degree practice, and now there is not much left to report to the department. But how should it be put together correctly? How not to overload it with unnecessary information, not spend a whole weekend writing it, but at the same time present it decently, especially if you are a potential candidate for a red diploma?

How do you write a practice report?
How do you write a practice report?

It is needed

Writing a practice report is not difficult at all, even if the practice involves observing employees’ work in a particular organization. All you need is a few hours of time and simple logic


Step 1

A lot depends on what kind of exercise you do. A simple description of everything you have learned will suffice when you go through the introductory movement. For example, if you did an internship in a legal specialty, describe what the company you succeeded in does and which laws and other legal acts the employees have taught you to read. Indicate what interested you in the work of this company, do not forget to mention that you would like to develop further in the direction in which the company works (even if that wish is not there, because in the department nobody will check you a lie detector ). At this stage, you should show an interest in acquiring practical skills in your specialty and a desire to develop. 

Step 2

The helpful report will be a little more complicated. There is no longer enough “composition description.” During your internship, you are obliged to participate in the company’s activities actively. This can be preparing projects from simple documents, searching and analyzing information on the Internet, or writing articles – it all depends on the specialty. A practical report should usually contain appendices. Describe this in detail and include copies of at least some of your work.

Your goal, in this case, is to show that you have learned to apply at least some of the acquired knowledge in practice.

Step 3

The report on the passage of pre-degree practice can generally coincide with the commentary on the course of industrial training. However, it should also focus on what internship helped you work on your thesis. If you notice situations that illustrate the problem you address in your dissertation, describe them. 

Step 4

It’s no secret that many of us only “get through” the practice formally. But must submit the report in any case. How to act in this case? Use connections. Ask the seniors how they wrote the essay? Are there concepts? What are the requirements? The most important thing to remember is that if you did an internship at a construction company, you shouldn’t ask for a draft from someone who did it last year, say in a government agency, and hand it over, just changing the name. And group number.

No matter how good and appropriate a concept received from a “nice soul” may seem, be sure to “dilute” it with new information, as overly scrupulous teachers can always remember someone giving them the past year. Delivered the same job. Finding this further information is not difficult: you probably know what a novice specialist can do with your training. A win-win option is administrative and technical work, for example, making copies of documents, collecting information, and proofreading. It may, in extreme cases, be appropriate, and the wording “participated in such and such a project” with some detail.

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