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If you’re interested in getting to the bottom of things, trying to understand a natural phenomenon, analyze it, or discover something new for yourself, then you’ve thought about how to formulate the research results correctly.

How do you write a research paper?
How do you write a research paper?


Step 1

It is imperative to choose and formulate the research topic correctly. Don’t take too long questions to study. For example, if you want to analyze an author’s creative activity, either stop at a particular stage of life or thoroughly investigate the history of the genesis of a specific work. The facilitator will help you choose a topic.

Step 2

Then discuss the scope of the work with your manager. Of course, it varies depending on the difficulty. For example, a student’s work volume to speak at a scientific and practical conference should be twenty to thirty sheets of printed text. Still, a maximum of one hundred printed sheets is possible in a thesis.

Step 3

Review previous research in the field in which you are studying a question. Compare these materials with your data and conclude.

Step 4

The design begins with the title page, which reflects the level of the work. For example: “City Local Lore Olympiad.” On the title page, indicate the title of the section and work, as well as the name, surname, patronymic of the author, and scientific advisor.

Step 5

Furthermore, the content of the work is drawn up. This kind of plan indicates the names and order of the parts. Make sure to do pagination.

Step 6

Be sure to indicate the purpose of the work and the tasks required to achieve it.

Step 7

Each research paper contains an introduction. It should comment on the choice of topic, emphasize the relevance of these discoveries and outline further possible ways to apply them.

Step 8

The central part, which in turn can consist of several factors, necessarily gives the intermediate results of the research, describes the experiments or observations you have carried out, and draws preliminary conclusions. Finally, you should list the methods you used to get the results.

Step 9

Remember that a prerequisite for any research project is a logical, sequential arrangement of parts, as well as your discoveries and profound conclusions with evidence.

Step 10

You need to summarize your work, highlight its merits and outline further actions in this direction.

Step 11

A precondition for scientific work is a list of used literature or sources.

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