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An internship report is a student’s work that objectively reflects the results of the theoretical knowledge and practical skills acquired during the internship period at the company. Feedback, or a report on the practice, is usually written during or after the passage.

How to write a review for a practice
How to write a review for a practice

It is needed

  • – exercise diary
  • – company reporting


Step 1

In the feedback on the internship where you completed it, write down the period during which you conducted the training at the company.

Step 2

Indicate which goals your supervisor has set for practice at the educational institution and how these have been achieved.

Step 3

Describe the activities of the company as a whole. To do this, you need the help of the company management as they have access to the information necessary to analyze the operation of the company.

If you are writing a report on the practice of economics, then analyze the financial activity of the enterprise, determine its profitability, calculate the principal coefficients, and study and reflect the dynamics of indicators in the assessment. Do all of this based on the records maintained by the chief accountant or director. 

If the report is for the Faculty of Management, please describe the structure of the enterprise, analyze the composition of the workforce and the main methods used for personnel management, and tell us about the company culture.

For a marketing report, describe any marketing department activities at the company. Analyze the company’s market, research competition, demand for products or services, and sales.

In the accounting and auditing department, consider the methods used to do the accounting, and do not forget to declare the company’s taxes.

When writing a review on jurisprudence, describe the activities of the structures based on which the practice took place, and be sure to study the fundamental laws and codes of your specialization.

In the Humanities report, consider and research a specific topic as suggested by your school teacher.

Step 4

Describe your relationship with the team, with the head of the practice, and how other company employees saw you. 

Step 5

Then write down what new information you received during the internship, what was of interest to you, and what difficulties you encountered. Have the assignments been completed? Conclude by expressing your general impression of the practice.

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