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There are generally accepted standards for preparing a review of scientific work. A report alone is not enough to present scientific work. We also need job assessments. If you are in the reviewer role, you will be expected to read the provided work summary and write a written or oral review, depending on whether you have to defend the applicant.

How do you write a review of a scientific work?
How do you write a review of scientific work?

It is needed

  • – computer;
  • – original article.


Step 1

Write a title for the review. Include the title of the work and the name of the author.

Step 2

At the beginning of the review, indicate the topic the work is devoted to and the area in which the author has researched.

Step 3

Please pay attention to the research problem’s relevance, the work’s novelty, and its practical significance. Usually, the author of a study addresses this issue in the article’s introduction.

Step 4

In the next section, summarize the work. Please pay attention to whether it contains all the necessary paragraphs, which are the main provisions. Indicate the amount of visual material – diagrams, tables, diagrams, and assess whether they are presented in sufficient volume to understand the study. 

Step 5

Then describe what general impression the work has made on you, whether the content corresponds to the tasks set, and what is the quality of the presentation of the material.

Step 6

An essential part of the review is the shortcomings of the work. Since there are no perfect works, you will indeed find something to mention in them. Comments can relate to the study itself, the work’s content, and the presence of errors in it. It is nevertheless important not to focus on this but to indicate at the end that these comments do not reduce the level of work and that the author should regard them as wishes for further work.

Step 7

Now proceed to the conclusions of the part of the work. Depending on the type, you either express your wish regarding the grade (for diplomas and theses), or you recommend the candidate to obtain the desired degree (for dissertations). Repeat the quality of work.

Step 8

Do not forget to indicate information about yourself at the end of the assessment – name, academic degree, position, and place of work—sign and date. The evaluation must affix the appropriate seals and either hand them to the applicant in person or send them by post.

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