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Self-study from a teacher is one of the ways to improve his professional skills. This activity includes the choice of a topic on which to conduct the research, the preparation of a plan and roadmap for self-development, and an analysis of the work performed.

How do you write a self-study plan?
How do you write a self-study plan?


Step 1

When choosing a self-study topic, focus on a question that seems familiar to you and directly related to your practice. Most often, teachers’ self-development issues are discussed and adopted at a meeting of a methodological association or a pedagogical council. Then, after approval of the subject by the school management, you start writing an individual work plan.

Step 2

Each educational institution develops its requirements for drawing up such a plan. However, there are general points that should reflect in the document. In the introductory part of the plan, indicate a goal (what you intend to achieve as a result of self-development work) and different tasks (3-5 basic techniques or steps that will help you achieve your goal). Next, indicate the form of self-study. This can be done individually, in a group, remotely, etc. 

Step 3

Then provide information about the groups or classes you will be researching. Be sure to mention the form of working with students (individual, group, experimental, working in a problem group, etc.). The self-development plan can be based on one form of interaction with students and their combination. Then indicate the methods and techniques to work with the group as part of implementing the self-development plan (empirical or practical, creative, problem-seeking, etc.).

Step 4

In the introductory section, write down the expected outcome of the activity. You can also outline the risks that may arise during the plan’s implementation. Finally, complete the introduction with a specific time frame for the tutorial. As a rule, it is calculated for one to three academic years.

Step 5

The bulk of an individual self-development plan is usually drawn up as a table. It includes stages of activities with a schedule of calendar dates for their execution, activities planned during a specific period, expected results of the work, and an indication of the report format for each stage. Reporting data can be provided in writing (portfolio, diary) and orally to a methodological association or conference.

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