How to write a story about yourself in English | Education 2022

Often an English teacher at school or institute asks us to write a story about ourselves. Very often, phrases and cliches used in this story are used by us in our lives when communicating with foreigners.

Writing a story about ourselves in English
Writing a story about ourselves in English

It is needed

Russian-English Dictionary


Step 1

The content of the story about yourself in English may vary. It depends on why and for whom this story is being written. Of course, the style and information conveyed differs depending on whether it is a resume or an educational tale. However, I can use some clichés in either case.

Step 2

To write a story about yourself, you must first introduce yourself. For this, we use the sentences: Hello, My name is (name). Then the most commonly reported age and occupation are: I am years old. I work (talk about where and by whom you work). Or, if you’re a student, use the words I’m a student of (insert university name, speciality). You can clarify: I will be a teacher. I work as a teacher in the school. Regarding residence, remember that the article does not precede the name of the city: I live in Moscow. 

Step 3

They go from general information about themselves to a brief description. You can describe your qualities, qualities, and preferences. It is best to use the following conversation formulas for this: I am a romantic lady, a reliable and honest person, and a creative teacher. It is necessary to choose words carefully because even synonyms do not have completely identical meanings. Use the English-Russian and Russian-English dictionaries for this.

Step 4

To describe preferences, the verbs such as love, appreciation: and I like all kinds of music are used. I love this movie. My intention is for Italian dishes. You can also use the constructions: my favourite city is…, the most iterating (film) for me is…: My favourite books are adventures and horror, and love stories. To describe unloved objects and phenomena, they use I don’t like, and I hate (I hate – attention! – this is a relatively strong degree of rejection). If you want to talk about your hobby, you can start this section with a general sentence: I think it is necessary to have a hobby. Your free time is not wasted. My favourite hobby is English. 

Step 5

When describing their family, they usually start with general phrases: My family is big. There are four of us: mother, father, brother and me. Then, according to an available scheme, they briefly describe each family member. Of course, the pronoun and verb change: instead of I am, they use she is, he is. When it comes to an animal, it is usually denoted by the pronoun he (is).

Step 6

In conclusion, it is best to say about your expected future, plans or dreams: I have a dream … I want to do … However, the end of the story depends entirely on the goals of the compilation. Sometimes it is necessary to ask questions to the interlocutor, sometimes to answer the interlocutor’s questions.

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