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All students undergo educational, introductory, industrial, and pre-degree practice. Afterward, you must write a report, fill in the intern’s diary and provide feedback from the head of the organization where you did your internship. Requirements for writing an essay usually lie in the department or the dean’s office. But sometimes a student has to write a review (or a description) himself: the head of the practice can ask him about it with the words “I don’t have time. You write, and I will correct.”

How do you write a student's review of the practice?
How do you write a student’s review of the practice?

It is needed

  • – the form of the organization where completed the internship;
  • – report on the progress of the practice;
  • – diary of the intern.


Step 1

There is not a single sample of feedback (and even the title of this document). However, you can find the heading “Feedback on the stage,” “Testimonial attribute of the stage,” and “Feedback from the stage manager.” The text of the review was written in any form but must be printed on the official letterhead of the organization, which served as the basis for the practice.

Step 2

At the start of his assessment, the practice manager indicates who (your full name, group number, faculty, and university) has completed the internship (educational and familiarity, production or pre-degree), where (in which department or department of the organization or company ) and when (exact conditions your stay there). 

Step 3

Then it would be best to list your responsibilities briefly, completed tasks, and assignments (have become acquainted with the organization’s structure, studied regulatory documents, developed a project, etc.). Finally, try to clearly articulate the knowledge, professional skills, and abilities you have acquired during your internship.

Step 4

It would be best to give the intern (that is, yourself) a characterization. Usually, this part of the review starts with the words “while working, and he showed himself like …”. Emphasize the positive business qualities you believe you have demonstrated while working for this company or organization. For example, think about the quality of assignments, accountability, adherence to work discipline, ability to work in a team, etc.

Step 5

At the end of the assessment, the head of the practice should indicate what grade his department deserves. The printed testimony must be authenticated with the signature of the head and the seal of the organization. An assessment of a student’s internship usually takes no more than one page. The feedback, together with other materials about the progress of the training, is submitted promptly to the graduation department or the dean’s office.

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