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Passage of the industrial practice is a mandatory event for all university students. The value of the higher education certificate will depend mainly on how it passes. Therefore, it is essential to understand the rules for writing a practice report.

Writing a study practice report
Writing a study practice report

It is needed

  • – a computer;
  • -Printer;
  • – paper;
  • – signatures of the practice manager.


Step 1

Prepare the title page well. At the top, write “Federal Education Agency” in bold capital letters. Then indicate at which university and department you did your internship. Next, write “report” in large letters below your last name and initials, training, and supervisor in the middle. For the latter, state his full name and position.

Step 2

On the second page, write the individual assignment you have been given to practice. It begins with the phrase of the same name. Then re-enter your name, group, and task. For example, it can start with the following sentence: “To teach the students of the YR-201 group English at an intermediate level on the given subjects.” Next, indicate the date of issue of the contract: “September 2, 2008”, as well as the location of the practice, it is beginning, and end. Finally, write the initials and title of the responsible teacher. 

Step 3

Make an introductory part. Here is an example that can model to describe the practice: “I, Ivanov Sergei Petrovich, a student of the TMPI-401 group, had a teaching practice in the first foreign language at Samara State University in the department of English and French Philology, with second-year students of the group Yur-201”. And indicate the dates of the internship.

Step 4

Describe the foundation of the organization. Write down how many phases the training exercise took place and when they were (exact dates). Indicate the initial education level of the students. Please state on a material basis: whether all the necessary funds have been provided to you or not.

Step 5

List the goals and objectives of the practice. Use the following example to describe the primary purpose: “to acquire the necessary skills in teaching a first foreign language at an intermediate level.” And already from this point on, practical tasks leading to the realization of the goal continue. These could be: “learn vocabulary, and grammar,” “learn to behave in a disciplined way,” “learn to communicate in a team,” etc. 

Step 6

Formulate the content of the work performed. In this crucial point, indicate the topics you have been able to devote to during your study practice. Also, make a list of all types of assignments you have completed in class. Finally, conclude. In it, write what you managed to achieve, what you did not, what difficulties you faced, and what gaps you would advise students to pay attention to in the future.

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