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Many university students follow practical training at companies after completing the next academic year. They will have the opportunity to consolidate their theoretical knowledge gained at the Institute and consider how much they have helped them in their practical activities. Upon completion, the head of the firm’s practice must provide the student with a testimonial, which he will submit to the Institute along with a report on his employment activity.

How do you write a testimonial about a practice?
How do you write a testimonial about a practice?


Step 1

On the organization’s letterhead, write a description of a student who did an internship at your company. Must contain the company’s full name, legal address, and contact numbers. In this case, it will not complete the address section of the form.

Step 2

Write the word “Characteristics” and indicate the surname, first name, and patronymic of the intern, the student of what course, and the educational institution he is.

Step 3

Re-enter the surname and initials, start and end dates of the practice, and its duration. Next, please write down the position of the intern and list everything that belonged to his responsibilities. Then, in calendar order, list the production assignments received during the exercise and evaluate how successfully the student handled each. 

Step 4

Please assess his theoretical knowledge, level, and ability to apply it in production activities. Assess his ability to learn and work with information that is new to him. List his business qualities displayed while performing production tasks, discipline, rigor, punctuality, accuracy, and responsibility.

Step 5

Evaluate the universal human qualities, the ability to work in a team, to captivate people. Note how the intern was respected by the company’s employees who worked with him, whether he showed himself as a leader or a future specialist. Point out the qualities that hindered your work.

Step 6

Give an overall rating of the practice: excellent, good, or fair. Express your opinion on the student’s abilities and the presence in him of character traits, qualities, and skills necessary for a specialist with higher education.

Step 7

Write where the reference is, the name of the university. Register as a practice leader. Sign the attribute with the head of the company and sign it with the head of the human resources department. Confirm the signatures with the company seal.

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