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Students of the accounting department must undergo a pre-degree practice. To inform the facilitator of the results of the practical activity, the student must prepare a report on the theoretical and practical knowledge acquired.

How do you write an accounting practice?
How do you write an accounting practice?


Step 1

First, collect as many documents as possible during your internship at the company. For example, you practice salary administration. Here you can bring various statements, personal income tax certificates, etc., for your tax return. If you practice in the material purchasing department, take delivery notes, invoices, deeds and other documents.

Step 2

If possible, agree on a graduation plan before the internship. This will help you to represent the specifics of the work performed as accurately as possible. You also know where to focus your attention during the internship and how to write a report.

Step 3

Start writing your report with an introduction. State here the goals you would like to achieve as a bachelor’s degree—set goals for yourself. 

Step 4

In the report, indicate the internship place, give an economical description of the company’s activities, for example, show the security of the fixed asset organization, assess the financial condition of the company, determine the legal status, and describe the history of the development of the company, etc.

Step 5

Expand the methodological and theoretical aspects of accounting in the enterprise. For example, describe the relationship between accounting and tax accounting, draw a diagram of the internal interaction of accounting departments, and conduct a study of the accounting policy of the organization.

Step 6

Continue with the design of the main body of the report. Expand the internal control information here; show how the accounting is done; describe the procedure for preparing tax returns, etc. Provide figures, amounts and various statistics such as annual turnover.

Step 7

The last part should contain conclusions and proposals. Enter here all the information you have learned during the internship. But, first, assess the company’s financial condition. 

Step 8

Prepare appendices to the report. This could be an accounting policy, annual balance sheet, copies of primary documents, etc.

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