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The word “essay” in translation from French means “trial, attempt, sketch.” The distinguishing features of the essay are a short form and an emphasized expression of the author’s point of view. The essay’s subject can be any topic, including the author’s work.

How do you write an essay about a job?
How do you write an essay about a job?

It is needed

Computer, text editor


Step 1

Keep the size of your essay to a minimum. The volume of such work is always tiny. The number of characters is comparable to the number of characters in a newspaper article – 500-3000 characters with spaces (up to a page of printed text in the editor in 12-14 font). This book must contain as much information and arguments as possible, so choose the most straightforward and comprehensive formulations when writing an essay.

Step 2

Express your thoughts in an accessible form. The genre of the essay makes no unique demands on the style or sequence of thought transmission. However, for convenience, mentally imagine the composition in the form of a diagram: introduction – main body – conclusion. The central part should have the same volume as the introduction and conclusion combined; you can even exceed this difference. 

Step 3

Start with the introductory part. Remember your college days. The beginning of the essay is a bit like the ‘Introduction’ chapter in a student essay. , But if in a voluminous work, the relevance, goals, objectives, and other categorical devices span several pages, the theme allows the question to be asked in a maximum of one or two sentences.

Step 4

In the introduction, near the end of the section, ask a question you will discuss throughout the essay. This is the topic indicated in the title. For example, an article about work may have the following title: “Motivation of young specialists in the creation of game software,” then the question will sound like this: why are young specialists engaged in the development of game software. But before you ask a question directly, tell us about the history of its origin:

  • Who spoke first.
  • How attitudes to the issue changed over time.
  • What do your contemporaries think?

Make sure to leave the question blank, and explain that there is still no definitive answer, but you are ready to give it. 

Step 5

Please give your own opinion in the main section. Give some examples from personal experience to support this. Be sure to include statistics from reliable sources, and indicate experts’ opinions. Don’t forget historical information: your point of view was probably shared by one of your predecessors. If necessary, name people who are interested in the topic.

Step 6

Summarize in the last essay. Confirm your position, and try to make predictions for the future situation’s development.

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