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Often the writing of the exercise diary is postponed “for later”, the practice passes, and with the beginning of the study the memories of it disappear… But sooner or later the practice diary has to be handed in. What if you forgot to write it down safely?

Writing an exercise diary isn't difficult at all...but it's better to do it right away
Writing an exercise diary isn’t difficult at all…but it’s better to do it right away


  • A pen;
    availability of the practice;
    Step 1

    In contrast to a practice report, a practice diary is a brief record of the actions performed at the practice site. It is believed to be conducted every day. It should look like a slab consisting of three columns. The first column is the date (practice days), the second is the actual actions, and the third is the signature of the practice manager. At the end of the practice, your leader (i.e., the person who instructed you directly) should log in for each day of your practice.

    Step 2

    There are three types of internships: introductory, industrial and pre-degree. During introductory practice, the student usually observes the work of the department of the company or institution in which he publishes it, sees examples of the most straightforward documents, and performs simple tasks. The chances are that you perform roughly the same actions every day. So it would be perfectly acceptable if you included a roughly similar set of actions every day. It is not necessary to describe them in too much detail (it is better to write “copy contracts” rather than “copy a purchase, supply, and commission contract”). Nevertheless, it is also not worth limiting yourself to two or three words (and even more abbreviations).

    Step 3

    During the internship, the student is expected to participate in the work of the department of the company or institution where the internship takes place. It will also be good for him to select material for a future diploma. This should be reflected in the magazine along with the features described above. For example, a law student who is about to write a degree in copyright law may write about the study of copyright contracts.

    Step 4

    The essence of pre-degree practice is to collect material for a future degree, especially if you need to reflect on minimal practice research. In the practice journal, you can concentrate on investigative functions (following the same example with a law student, you can write about the analysis of court material about copyright disputes).

    step 5

    The practice manager (or authorized company employee) must affix the company seal to the practice journal. This should not be forgotten, as the unprinted internship journal may not be accepted in the department.

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