How To Write Capital Letters In English

Both parents and English teachers at school often have questions about writing capital letters in English. The problem arose since many children and even adults have long written printed or semi-printed letters in English-speaking countries. Teachers in Russia continue to teach children to write calligraphy.


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    Step 1
    Suppose you think that in the era of universal computerization, it is not worth spending precious study hours learning to type and write capital letters. At the same time, make sure that the distance between the notes of a word is minimal since the printed letters are not connected. The text is often impossible to read because the spaces inside the word are more significant than the distance between words. Write each letter together without separating the parts of the letter. For example, the letter B should not look like I 3. Otherwise, it won’t be easy to understand what is written. Please note that writing all the letters significantly increases the text’s time. In addition, if the child writes only printed letters, he will not be able to read handwritten texts or electronic imitations of handwritten text.

Step 2
To learn how to write in English quickly, legibly and beautifully, learn how to write capital letters in words. To do this, use the recipes in unique study books or print them on a printer, for example, from the site. Practice connecting letters to each other, and write words without removing the pen. Thanks to this, the writing speed increases. There are no special requirements for capital letters, so you can choose the font yourself or even come up with your unique letters (of course, everyone must understand them). Remember that writing helps develop fine motor skills and is beneficial for overall development. Calligraphy, accuracy and beautiful handwriting have always been highly valued.

Capital letters
Capital letters

Step 3
A semi-uppercase font combines the virtues of capital letters and printed letters, so use it for writing when you need to write a lot but don’t have time to master spelling.

Step 4
If you can not choose which font to choose as the main one for yourself, look for font samples in electronic programs or on English-language sites. Today there are no restrictions on using this or that type of letter, so choose the most exciting and easiest method of writing for yourself. The most important thing is to be understood.

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