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The purpose of advertising is to increase sales of the advertised product. And you should take this into account when drafting the text. Do not write long and complex sentences; your ads should be simple and direct. When writing ad copy, you have to consider many parameters: target group, market position, costs, etc.

How to write the text of an advertisement
How to write the text of an advertisement


Step 1

Pay close attention to creating the title. It should be clear, catchy and exciting so that you keep reading. Avoid trivial headlines. The fate of all your ad copy depends on it.

Step 2

Use short sentences, and sentences don’t overwhelm the reader. For example, paragraphs should consist of a few sentences, and paragraphs should be short and to the point. Try not to use complex sentences.

Step 3

Be precise and specific, do not use general phrases: this technique makes your text more credible. In addition, the consumer will think that you have checked and calculated everything with certainty.

Step 4

Try to write a unique text. Customers have often heard phrases like “high quality and reliable”. They are no longer attracted to them. Try to get addicted to something that sets you apart from your competitors. 

step 5

Create an image of the buyer using your product. It should be positive so that the consumer subconsciously thinks: “If I buy this product, it will be fine”.

Step 6

Describe all the benefits of your product. Include details, examples, and research results, if any. The consumer needs to know how he will benefit from your product.

Step 7

When describing a product, use colourful swear words that evoke positive emotions in the consumer. People buy almost everything based on impressions, not logic.

step 8

Use recommendations in your ad text. Ask your customers to leave reviews about your product and then use them in your ads.

step 9

Describe the process of buying a product in the simplest possible way. The consumer must know how to buy the advertised product and where to order it.

step 10

Include information about current promotions and discounts in the ad text – description and conditions. This will interest the consumer, and he will try to have time to buy the product at a better price.

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