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It is good to always be on guard; life should be in motion all the time. You often want something new. Some graduate from university and want to continue their studies. Others, already in middle age, want to change professions. Others have dreamed of living somewhere outside the walls of schools, universities, and colleges in their country to study. However, registering at an educational institution abroad is not so easy.

How will you study abroad?
How will you study abroad?


  • -international passport,
  • -certificate or international exam,
  • -invitation,
  • -ticket


Step 1

To go abroad to study, you need to carefully study your desire because you need to know clearly what you need. First, determine the period in which you want to study abroad. Then determine the specialism or field of work that interests you. Think about which country you want to study in.

Step 2

Then find a desk to help you organize your studies. You can also choose an educational institution yourself, search the internet, study the site, find out which colleges they are, call the university and ask about admission options.

Step 3

To study abroad, you create a passport, take an international exam or get a certificate. You must send the results to the educational institution. Also, translate your diploma and grade sheet into a foreign language. You may need to translate additional documents.

After receiving the invitation, send the necessary documents to the country’s embassy. Once you have submitted all the documents and passed the exam, you will be waiting for a letter stating whether or not you have been awarded the scholarship. The duration of the study will be two years.

Step 4

If you want to study for a short time, opt for language courses. In the country of your interest, the duration of such courses is usually 1-3 months, depending on your capacity.

You can arrange your studies, buy a ticket to the city where you want to study, rent an apartment and find suitable courses; It will be much cheaper than going through an agency.

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